Coco Skeleton hands temporary tattoos for cosplay. Skull


Coco inspired Skeleton hand temporary tattoos for cosplay halloween. Pack of 2, one for each hand. Subtle and beautiful line art temporary tattoo. Check out as well the day of the dead face tattoos to match your hands.


  1. Posted by poggersbitches, — Reply

    The one reason why I hate this is bc it isn’t proportional to the persons hand (the top digits are suppose to be where the nail is) but that’s just me

  2. Posted by Thatsweeb, — Reply

    Plz someone explain how to do this I am have super shaky hands and so bad at drawing I need tips or someone do this for me 👁️👄👁️

  3. Posted by ashleyyquiterioc, — Reply

    i’m thinking of making people pay when they ask for me to do it...kinda mean but hey i need my money 🤩

  4. Posted by ameliapratt27, — Reply

    yo these are sick

  5. Posted by d3vilish4ngel, — Reply

    i wanna do this sm

  6. Posted by ashlyne_feirce, — Reply

    Imma do this on both my hands now-

  7. Posted by 1000Lost, — Reply

    Make nails black

  8. Posted by gaysatanlover666, — Reply

    omg i love it

  9. Posted by toiletpaperisfood, — Reply

    I would do that but that is skill I don’t have

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